Upcoming Rides

Upcoming Rides


Wisconsin H-D Dealers Association Passport Tour begins April 1, 2019 and runs thru October 31, 2019.

Riders may pick-up their Passports booklet at any Wisconsin H-D Dealers Association member. 

Only one Passport per rider is allowed. Riders must take there Passport to at least 10 Dealerships and have their book stamped. To be eligible for the Top 6 prizes, you must visit all 17 Dealerships. Only one Passport stamp per person, per visit.

Only Passports with stamps from at least 10 Dealers are eligible for the prize drawing. All Passports must be turned in to a participating dealer no later than close of business on October 31, 2019. Passports can be returned to any participating dealer. 

Dealership employees and their spouses cannot participate in the prize drawing.

Completed Passports will be entered in a random drawing to win prizes.

Winners will be announced November 13th, 2019 on www.wiharleydealers.com



Please email brenda@ukeshd.com with any questions